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KT  Volante was born and raised in New Jersey. Her older brothers  introduced her to sci-fi on Saturday mornings by watching the Creature  Features movies. She became a sci-fi enthusiast, reading and watching  such shows as The Outer Limits, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, and many more over the years. 

KT’s decision to enter a career in the medical field was solely due to Mr. Spock and Bones from the original Star Trek. 

Today, she lives in Washington state with her cat Dixie. When the World Flipped is her first novel. 

Book Review

When The World Flipped

A mysterious flu epidemic has struck the small community where Lacey, an emergency room nurse practitioner, lives in Washington state. Many nurses and doctors are out sick, and the hospital staff can’t keep up with the sick patients—especially when the patients start attacking them.

Before she knows it, Lacey finds herself in a melee of crazy infected patients and people fleeing for their lives. She manages to join forces with another nurse, a young doctor, and a security guard, and together, they find a way out of the hospital, but not without having to defend themselves from infected patients and seeing many of their colleagues die before their eyes.

Once they reach safety and are able to find a functioning news channel, Lacey and her companions learn the epidemic is spreading worldwide. A news anchor refers to the situation as The Flip, and Lacey herself begins referring to the infected as LDs—The Living Dead—because they do not die but simply walk about in a decaying state, trying to feed on the living.

Before long, Lacey and her companions join forces with other survivors to try to rebuild their world after The Flip, but with LDs everywhere, survival becomes questionable, and soon, even the living turn dangerous.

KT Volante’s debut novel will delight—okay, maybe pleasantly disgust—all fans of zombie fiction with its occasional biting humor and its tough characters determined to live at any cost.

When the World Flipped is both frightening and fascinating. I cheered for Lacey and her companions as they learned to survive in a flipped world, and especially when they put some lead in the Living Dead. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel!”

— Patrick Snow, Publishing Coach and Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

After The World Flipped

I raced to the car. The car seemed so far away. I pushed that out of my mind. As I ran, all I could see were teeth snapping at me, hands grasping at me. I pushed LDs out of my way. I only used my knife on those I had to. I didn’t want to waste any more time than necessary. Then I saw the car just a few houses away. Finally, I stood at the car. I opened the door and got in. It looked like a hundred hands grasping at me from the open door. I started the car and hit the gas pedal. I couldn’t get used to the sound of LDs bouncing off the car or the bumps as I drove over their bodies.

After the World Flipped is the dramatic sequel to When the World Flipped. Picking up in the midst of a crisis when Lucy is surrounded by LDs (the Living Dead) and needs to be rescued, this novel continues the story of Lacey and her friends who have survived the pandemic curse of people turning into zombies.

Lacey and her companions have found a compound where they are safe and able to protect themselves, but they cannot always stay behind their protective walls. To survive, they must continually venture out to get supplies, and during those trips, they encounter swarms of LDs, plus other survivors, some desperately in need of their help, others desperate to take from them what they have.

Now Lacey will face the challenge of her life when her role as leader of “the Family” is questioned.


“KT Volante has done it again! This is a classic zombie tale that will delight fans of shows like The Walking Dead. It provides a far more realistic vision of a zombie apocalypse than most of the films out there. These are real characters seeking to survive a nightmare, and affirming basic human values in the process.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and award-winning author of The Gothic Wanderer and Lilith’s Love

KT Volante